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he makhila, the traditionnal Basque walking stick, is a symbol of honour and reflects a certain philosophy and way of life. Elegant, practical, a redoutable defensive weapon as well as a decorative object, the makhila is not only a mark of distinction but also a walking companion - a truly essential element in Basque life.

In the vanguard of Basque craftsmanship, the makhila (or makila) is made by the Ainciart Bergara family in the village of Larressore.

Discover, on this site, the noble step-by-step method of fabrication, the ancestral "savoir faire" of the only Basque family who still make the makhila by tradition.

 Die makhila, das Kleinod des baskischen Handwerkes

Our workshop has been distinguished with the French label EPV.
EPV means Living Heritage Company
It is granted by experts and awards the Excellence of French Know-How.

We are also among the Century-old EPV companies.

..........  Entirely made by hand from the medlar tree .....

.........The sculptured branch is made into a walking stick and also a defensive weapon : unscrew the handle and discover the sharpened steel point....

makila Ainciart Bergara
National Trade Exposition of Paris 1936
Diploma of the "Petite Industrie Régionale"
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