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Basque Country 

Larressore (Larresoro) is found in the Labourd, one of the seven Basque provinces, grouped at the western end of the Pyrenees mountains. The village forms a triangle with the other villages of Ustaritz, Cambo-Les-Bains and Espelette and is only 15 kms from Bayonne, 18 kms from Biarritz and 30 kms from St Jean-de-Luz.
The last census counted 1349 inhabitants.
Historically, Larressore was a stopover on the pilgrim trails to Santiago de Compostella. The pilgrims followed the Nive river upstream as far as Portuita or to the house "Ospitalea", and then crossed the village before taking the road to the monastery of Urdax in the Navarre. The nearby village of Ainhoa was also an important halt.

It is perhaps in this historical and geographical context that one can look for the origins of the makhila Ainciart-Bergara. Perched high, overlooking the Nive river valley, Larressore has many beautiful and varied houses in the old Basque style, and is surrounded by fields and open pasture. The little stream Latsa trickles through the village and joins the Nive near the entrance of Ustaritz.
It was here in 1733 that the abbey Daguerre founded, with the help of village families, a small seminary where several generations of intellectuals were educated. Today, an association formed to protect the seminary is trying to save the site from abandon.
Another association association "Aldaya" has recently published a history of the village from its origins to the beginning of the 20th century ("Larresoro, regards sur le passé").
The association "Inthalatz", founded in 1944, is one of the most famous among the pelota hand-ball players. The main "fronton" of the village comprises two facing walls which enables the "rebot" pelota to be played. This ancient form of the game is played on Sunday mornings in Summer using an interesting combination of both the small chistera (rounded wickerwork basket glove) as well as leather glove.

The annual village festival takes place at the beginning of September and lasts four days.

Another local traditional family craftsman -the pelota "chistera" makers : Jean-Louis Gonzales and his son Pierre, a "grand chistera" or "cesta punta" player.
Jean-Louis and Pierre GONZALES
6 allées des Liserons
64600 Anglet
tel: 33 (0)5 59 03 85 04

Charles Bergara and Jean-Louis Gonzales at Anglet.